What Are the Best Auto Repair Shop Software Features? Are they Worth it?

If you run an auto repair business, you would know how demanding, time-consuming and stressful it is. Luckily, there’s automotive repair shop management software that helps auto repair shop owners and managers run their businesses smoothly and efficiently. 


AutoLeap is an auto repair software. But what does auto repair shop management software actually do, what are its best features, and is it worth investing your money? Keep reading to get all your answers. 


What Is Auto Repair Shop Management Software?

Auto repair management software is a system that automates the day-to-day operations of an auto repair shop. It offers a bundle of helpful features that improve customer experience, help you to keep your bays full and allow you to increase your profit margin. 

Auto repair shop software is a powerful tool to boost the car count in your shop and find innovative ways to increase revenue. 

What Are the Best Features of Auto Repair Shop Software?

Here are some industry features of an auto repair shop management software:

  1. Automated Scheduling: Add and name bays, assign employees and tickets, block out time for vehicles with longer expected service times; view your schedule by day, week or month. When you add a mobile solution, your technicians can also see their assignments before they arrive at work.

  2. Inventory Management: Manage your inventory, parts supply, and shortage, connect supplier catalogs, and set up triggers that order parts automatically.

  3. Digital Invoices: Create detailed digital invoices for your customers and generate repair estimates based on labor times, labor rate,  parts used, and other service indicators. 

  4. Appointment Booking & Reminders: Store a detailed customer’s vehicle maintenance history so that your technicians are ready for the job in advance. Allow your customers to pre-schedule their service appointments online. Send automated reminder texts or emails so there are a lower number of canceled appointments.

  5. Tracking: Set up costs for a repair job, assign jobs to technicians, and track mechanics’ productivity.


Is it Worth it?


  • You'll be able to save a lot of time and increase your shop’s productivity with the help of more organized repair orders, cloud-based scheduling, vehicle service history, and better customer communication. You will be able to get your technicians away from the clipboards and back to the bays.

  • With the help of auto repair shop management software, it's easier to manage and update your inventory. You can set up automated triggers that allow the software to order parts from the vendors of your choice when the stock hits a certain number. 

  • Auto repair shop management software provides you with a number of useful analytical reports and important performance indicators such as labor costs, which can monitor your shop’s performance in real-time. It also updates you with vital business KPIs so you can make smarter business decisions and boost revenue. 

  • Auto repair software also gives you a competitive edge in the market. You shouldn't let your auto repair business get left behind by other auto shops that have already upgraded to comprehensive auto repair shop software to increase sales and boost customer relationships. 

  • An auto repair shop software provides you better security of your business documents. Most auto repair shop software protects your documents through encryption and other security tools. You can also cut out unnecessary paperwork and reduce your printing expenses. There is no more need to worry about duplicate data entry, lost receipts & invoices, or disorganized file cabinets.


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